Today I wanted to make an announcement about something...

You know, I am a makeup artist and I created this blog to share with you my makeup ideas and all that kind of jazz. It was just about makeup at first.

But recently, I've been having a lot of thoughts about my blog's concept. I was considering some kind of a growth here, because you know you always have some heights to reach. And so I thought, why not to turn my blog into something more than just a makeup, into something more people would enjoy and more people would find something interesting for themselves here. Why not to turn this blog into something more open-minded just like I am?

So, I finally decided to turn this blog into more of a beauty & fashion & lifestyle blog. Of course, the main topic here will always be makeup, but also from now on you're likely to find here skincare tips, reviews, hairstyles, style ideas, travel articles and just all things beauty, fashion and lifestyle related, because I'm just a bit cray about it all! 

If you're interested in any particular topic, such as skincare/hair/nails/travel or else, all of them will be in the 'Categories' section on the right side of my blog. So you can easily click there and find something.

I also changed layout of the blog (tell me if you like it), If you want to read the whole post you can just click "READ MORE", and if not - just keep scrolling till you find something. I think it's more convenient like that :)

Hopefully you like this idea. Hope you are just as excited for new posts as I am. I have tons of ideas to share with you! Please, let me know what you're thinking about this "growth" in the comments. Don' forget to follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram if you want to stay updated about new posts!

Also, feel free to make some suggestions for blog posts! If there's anything you would like to see here, please make sure to leave me a comment and I will definitely try my best to make it happen.


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